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Randeep Hooda Melbourne Memories in 360 – Virtual Reality video

I have never liked the idea of remembering an event by the photographer’s point of view only, this time I brought my 360eyeora at my friend’s wedding party to try a new experience and that’s why today I can revive the event as if I’m still there with my friends. Sure photos aren’t useless, but […]

One of the most beautiful places in Palermo! Sunny days, nice people enjoying their free time or rushing somewhere, street artists, a wonderful view of the theater, what else?! We made this video using the new 360eyeora camera, the first video was created with a smartphone gadget for panoramic view, but the end result was too bad, […]

My friend Alex came to Sicily to enjoy the sea, warm days, and a bit of history like Greek and Roman monuments near Siracusa. We wanted to save a few experienced in a 360 degrees movie that he could bring back in Australia to his friends. Please enjoy!

Hey guys! this is me and Alex on a second mini movie about Siracusa, but…wait a moment… what are those guys doing with their paddles over there?! If you can’t see them just rotate the view, remember this it a 360 degree video.

Hi, this is the third and last video we made. Enjoy a wonderful view of the sea, it was pretty calm that day. It’s like being there, as you can see it wasn’t too windy and the sea was almost flat. There were only a few boats and tourists that day though, but the less […]

Hello everybody, This is Daniel and right now you are watching the film festival in Cannes!

Hello everybody, This is Daniel and this is the second video about the film festival in Cannes! Please enjoy.